Activities and Meetings

2020 Activities

  • IRDG and local partners from the MENA Region have launched an awareness campaign to dispel misinformation about COVID-19 while promoting precautionary measures such as frequent washing of hands, social distancing, and wearing masks. This campaign was launched in Jordan, Morocco, and Palestine
  • IRDG joined forced with the Deanship of Community Service and Development from the Kadoorie Technical University of Palestine to set up awareness-raising conferences on project management to empower women entrepreneurs and help them set up their business. 
  • Participated in the 44th and 45th Human Right Council session 

2019 Activities

  • Organised  events to fight against gender-based violence (25 November to 10 December)
  • IRDG, UNRWA, and the Union of Psychologists and Social Assistance of Palestine joined forces to spread awareness for gender equality based on UN’s slogan “Orange the World”. 
  • Organised four events during the 41 and 42 session of the Human Rights Council, concerning the Middle East and Africa

2018 Activities

  • Attended Cop 24 in Katowice, Poland
  • Worked with the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies on preventing violence against children in schools.
  • Structuring capacity building program to enable youth to participate efficiently and effectively in the 2030 SDG agenda.
  • Attended the 37th Human Rights Council session and followed up the adoption of resolutions relevant for the promotion of SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) in line with the respect for human rights

2017 Activities

  • International workshop on International Human Rights Day supporting human rights mechanisms to protect women and children, Geneva (December 2017)
  • Attended Cop 23 in Bonn, Germany
  • Participated in the innovation and SDG UNRISD seminar
  • Participated in the Evian group round table meeting. Title: “Globalisation must be inclusive, equitable, sustainable and dynamic”
  • Attended the 34th Human Rights Council Sessions

2016 Activities

  • Conducted needs assessments at a Jordanian camp for Syrians refugees
  • Engaged in an e-learning and e-governance program in South Korea and a knowledge dissemination and e-governance program in Denmark.
  • Participated at the global meeting for higher education at UN-Habitat
  • Took part in Cop 22 in Marrakech
  • Attended the 33rd Human Rights Council sessions
  • Ran assimilation workshops for students in Geneva
  • Participated at ESCWA (United Nations Economic and Social Commission for West Asia) expert group meeting. Topic: “Measuring the human rights to water and sanitation realisation”
  • Joined the International Workers Memorial Day at the ILO “Climate change and labour; the impact of heat in the work place”
  • Worked in partnership with the International Forum of African Development in Tabarka, Tunisia
  • Speaker at the Human Rights and the 2030 SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) Agenda in the Arab region in Jordan

2015 Activities

  • Participated at the Cop 21 Climate Change Conference in Paris link
  • Structured the IFP (Implementation for Priorities) for IRDG with the focus on the main IRD-G goals
  • Initiative for public mobilisation which involved civil society and academia in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.
  • Focused on youth and women’s empowerment through the SDGs
  • Participated at the Stockholm Development Week

2014 Activities

  • Participated in the 27th Human Rights Council session.
  • Took part in three sessions with the Universal Periodic Review of UN state’s human rights records
  • Engaged in a discussion platform on the SDGs from the perspective of NGOs
  • Report on SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) highlighting the core goals of IRD-GE
  • Summer school training for children in Palestine in cooperation with the Palestinian Psychologist Union
Orange the World