Safe Schools for Safer Communities

“Change a child’s life, change a society”

End violence against Palestinian Children in Tulkarem

Psycho-social rehabilitation for kids exposed to violence through active support from schools and families Build them a better future!

Child-centered psychosocial rehabilitation program with a human rights approach

Local context

  • The Palestinian Territories have a very young population, almost 53%.
  • Children in Palestine grow up in a highly violent environment. Therefore, they constitute a vulnerable group, which requires special attention and psychosocial support.
  • Conflicts destroy children’s social environment, families, and schools, resulting in the violation of their basic human rights.
  • Studies have shown lifelong consequences of conflicts in child psychology, ranging from irreversible personality damage up to severe mental health problems.1 2 3

Main Goals

  • Build a safe environment for children while involving all stakeholders.
  • Decrease levels of violence in schools and homes.
  • Increase resilience of children and families.


1. Reduce violence in the selected schools

  • Create a child protection policy against political violence.
  • Create an in-house policy against violence.

2.  Raise the level of resilience of pupils and families

  • Develop classroom emotional support.
  • Install a culture of respect.

3.  Develop capacity building for stakeholders in charge

  • Upgrade psychosocial knowledge and skills of Syndicate team for teachers and mothers.
  • Organize, implement, monitor and evaluate activities.

Project’s  phases and their expected results

During the 1st year:

  • 6 selected schools will build a strategy to decrease violence.
  • 2,200 pupils will experience a decrease in their disturbed and violent behaviors.
  • 143 teachers and 347 mothers will receive training in violence management.

During year 2 and 3:

  • 6 more schools will be included in the program
  • 2,000 pupils, 150 teachers, and mothers will be educated in violence management.
  • Local TV programs will be launched to raise awareness on domestic violence and parenting strategies.
  • Training workshops will be organized for schools counselors and headmasters on mental health disorders.
  • Research on Child Protection against violence in Palestine will be conducted in partnership with other Palestinian and international institutions