Training Program

During the period of three months, IRD-GE was developing a series of training programs designed for human rights defenders, students and professionals from all over the world. These training programs will be lunched by the 2014, and will include the following:

  •  UN HUMAN RIGHTS MECHANISMS: This course enables human rights defenders to learn about the UN human rights system, and engage with the mechanisms thanks to practical information; training, support and assistance to enable them to better interact with the system.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS: This course increases capacities in managing the communication activities of the organization. It will teach participants on how to increase their security on the Web. The course also discusses the ways to respect the existing legislation by including a legal module.
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT: The objective of this course is to train participants on project management, and to apply its principles to their own project. It will provide the necessary tools to understand a project cycle management process, from the strategic plan to the monitoring phase and finally the evaluation.

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 Training Course – UN Mechanisms (PDF)

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Read more on the IRD-GE Brochure – Training Program (PDF)